How much money did Walter and Jesse made in Breaking Bad?

Money was the solution to WalterWhite’s problems when he was a high school teacher, teaching chemistry to teenagers and living pay-check to pay-check. Once he became Heisenberg, money became the real problem!

The amount of money Walt and Jesse made selling meth was huge! Walt himself said it in his famous conversation with Skyler:

So how much money did Jesse and Walt make in Breaking Bad?

Calculating how much Jesse and Walt made selling meth is a delicate matter. For one reason, nobody revealed the exact amounts. Moreover, as the show progressed and the operation got more complex, it wasn’t really clear who made what or how much was made.

Fast forward to the last season (season 5), it was revealed that Walt has accumulated about 80 million dollars in cash!

Walt hid the cash in barrels in buried them in the desert of New Mexico. Later on, Jack’s supremacist gang took 7 barrels and left one for Walt. One which contained about 11 millions.

Walt then used about 2 millions to escape and later prepare for his suicide mission. And then left 9 millions for his son.

Jesse’s situation is more complex though. All we know is that he refused to take 5 millions from Walt in the last season.

Fast forward to the events of El Camino, he got $248,200 from Todd’s apartment.

He then found himself falling $1,800 short of the $250,000 needed for Ed Galbraith to give him a new identity.

After recovering more of Todd’s money from killing the men he split the stash with, Jesse was able to secure a new identity and build a new life in Alaska. Though it wasn’t stated, he probably had a couple hundred thousand dollars when his Breaking Bad arc ende

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